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Have your say on our digital consider first policy

Project Overview

We’re seeking feedback on the Digital Sourcing Consider First Policy consultation paper from people working in government procurement.

The paper proposes a policy that will help agencies make more considered investment decisions, and is backed by 4 principles:

  • investment is user-centred and outcomes focused
  • buyers engage early, consult wide and use innovative approaches
  • usability and total cost of ownership are prioritised
  • alignment with technical requirements to improve user and business outcomes

We’d like to know how you make investment decisions and how you buy or build digital products and services for government. We’d also like to know how this draft policy might impact or support your work.

Please read the draft paper on our website before you provide your feedback.We have written some questions to guide your submission. You can answer one, some or all the questions.

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  • Have your say on our Digital Sourcing Consider First Policy

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