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Project Overview

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We’d like your feedback on 8 principles that will be part of our Digital Panel Policy.

The draft Digital Sourcing Panel Policy aims to:

  • help agencies source digital products and services —
    this includes information and communications technology (ICT)
  • help government buyers use digital panels
  • enable new sellers to join panels more often than at present
  • make using panels easier and clearer

Principles of the draft policy

A set of principles will guide the process of creating a new panel. These principles will be coordinated, overseen and reported by a government oversightbody.

The following 8 principles are proposed to underpin all digital (including ICT) panels:

  • avoid duplicating existing panels or categories within panels
  • be for commonly used, clearly defined products and services
  • be regularly monitored andassessed
  • be open to all agencies with multi-agency access clauses
  • be open more often for sellers to apply to join
  • allow for updates of pricing and categories
  • be registered on a single cross-government digital platform
  • look for ways to have consistent and user-centered design for requests for quotes, templates, terms and conditions and reporting

All panels should align with these 8 principles where possible. This includes established panels and those in the process of being created. Panels should also be registered on a central register managed by a government oversight body.

We’ve put together some questions to prompt your thinking when you’re giving feedback. Click on the survey button below to tell us about your experience of using digital panels and what you want from the policy principle.

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