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Trusted Digital Identity Framework consultation - component 2

Project Overview

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The Digital Transformation Agency is seeking feedback on the second component of the Trusted Digital Identity Framework.

This component builds on the first version of the framework which was published in February this year and we encourage you to read our news article for more background on this framework.

The second version of the framework contains the:

  • rules and standards which describe how people can get support to create a digital identity when they need extra help
  • technical standards of the identity federation
  • governance for the accreditation process

You can read the documents which make up the first component of the framework on the DTA's website.

There are 13 documents which make up the second release. This includes 8 new documents and updates to 5 existing ones.

New documents are:

1. Accreditation Governance (interim)

2. Attribute Profile

3. Federation Deed

4. Federation Memorandum of Understanding

5. OpenID Connect 1.0 Profile

6. SAML 2.0 Profile

7. Service Operations Requirement

8. Technical Integration Requirements

Updates to existing documents are:

9. Authentication Credential Requirements

10. Fraud Control Requirements

11. Identity Proofing Requirements

12. Overview and Glossary

13. Protective Security Reviews

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